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Nel Segno della Pecora


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Simone Brolis (born 1989, in Seriate, Bergamo) young artist based in Bergamo, his research develops around the rethinking of classic structures of thought through the use of various media, especially sculpture and installation.


In Nel segno della Pecora his first project for MAPS developed through a research carried out over several months, on the identity of Bergamo and the symbol of the city; the lion of St. Mark.


Bergamo become part of the Serenissima Republic of Venice in 1428; under its domination are built (over the years) the fortification walls of the upper town and the lion of St. Mark became the symbol of the city. Even today this figure is included into the historic gates to the upper town and in various bass reliefs set in historic buildings.


The work of Brolis begins with the discovery of some documents in which was recorded the activity of production and conservation in Bergamo of gunpowder for the Serenissima Republic of Venice, during the years of its domination. It was discover that the main ingredient for the production of the precious black powder, the Saltpeter or Potassium Nitrate (of which gunpowder is composed of 75%), was found in sheep's droppings. Hence the mass breeding of sheep all around the upper town and in the neighboring suburbs, and the construction of sheds for the shelter of the sheep - the so-called tezzoni - and powder magazines (of which you can still see the ruins around the Venetian walls).


The artist realized  a project that reflects on different levels of meaning and form, using a trench satirical magazine (in the year of hundredth anniversary of Italy's entry the World War I) as a basis for reconsideration of the iconographic symbol of Bergamo. Starting from the production of gunpowder, true hallmark of the city during the period when it was part of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, Brolis wonders also in an ironic way, if the image a city chooses and preserve  as its symbol, is in some way, representative also of the people who live in that city and redraws the front page of the satirical newspaper San Marco transforming the lion into a winged sheep. The line of the drawing along with the graphic form and structure of writing, tell of a way of understanding the artwork as a sketch, as if it's  still developing, a quality we find in most of the artistic production of Brolis, who completes the project with a small artist's book (browsable online) also structured as a kind of preparatory sketch for future artworks, inspired at iconographic level by architectural treatises of Francesco di Giorgio Martini (end of 1500), then with two columns text, handwritten and completed with drawings.


The artist chooses the internet platform - the public space of the network - as the site of his work, allowing anyone to browse the artist's book and freely download the first page, Nel Segno della Pecora; print size and on the surface they prefer.


About the artist


Graduate at the Art School of Bergamo, then attended for two years, the Politecnico of Milano, course of Architecture Sciences. Currently he's graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo "G.Carrara". He participated in several collective show: Galleria Marelia - underground project (2013 and 2014); ARTDATE - "Accademia Carrara" section (2013 and 2014); Porta St. Agostino in Bergamo - School's out (2014)



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