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QUESTA NON E' UNA MANIFESTAZIONE POLITICA (this is not a political demonstration)


Action: Saturday, October 11, 2014 starting hour 15.00, zebra crossing of the main crossroads of Bergamo city center

This is not a political demonstration is a challenge used to rise a question:

"if it is not a political demonstration, though using its iconography and methods, then what is it?"

The action took place on the pedestrian crossing of the major intersections of the city center in Bergamo, a Saturday afternoon (specifically Saturday, October 11, 2014 - the Day of Contemporary Art). When the traffic light signaled green for pedestrians, four guys crossed the street, along with all other people, opening up a banner on which was sprayed the phrase "This is not a political demonstration". People who crossed with them unintentionally became part of this event which did not revealed what it was in reality. The action was then "claimed" by a web campaign on most used social network (Facebook, Twitter) widening and raising the involvement of other artists and art institutions in this great reflection on the space in which we all move. The action was a preview of the operation modalities MAPS - Museum of Art in Public Space, wants to use to involve people  and space. MAPS is a platform conceived by italo-albanian collective dyzerotre, born with the aim of promoting contemporary art research that has as its theater public space in all its forms and derivations. A museum exploded in the city of Bergamo, which allows invited artists to compete each time with different zones, each representing historical and contemporary connotations of the of the city's iconography. MAPS is a museum that overwhelms / engage / transform through the production of exhibitions / video screenings / conferences whose focus is always the discussion and dialogue with an area of ​​the city and its social or territorial issues. Because the encounter with art can have the thrill of an uprising, or vice versa art is an uprising because it contains the emotion of people and places encountered.


This is not a political demonstration is the first of a series of actions, exhibitions, video screenings, lectures that will pass through the public spaces of Bergamo during MAPS program of activities.


action management: dyzerotre

performers: Andrea Abate / Martina Dierico / Clara Scola / Andrea Toscano

photographic documentation: Luca Viganò

video documentation: Stefano Romano

Produced by:  MAPS - Museum of Art in Public Space

In collaboration with: Storyfactory


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