Steve Piccolo

La mappa errata -

all you nedd to know for now


Performance / Saturday, May 16, 2015

04.00 pm - Bergamo, upper town

(starting from S.Maria Maggiore Cathedral)

Steve Piccolo (New Hampshire 1954). On the international scene since the mid-1970s, during his career he has worked on music (co-founder of the Lounge Lizards), theater, performance art, sound installations, film soundtracks.


“La mappa errata - all you need to know for now” is the first collaboration between MAPS and Steve Piccolo for which the artist has designed a work open to different reflections intersecting with the thesis, formulated for the first time by Alfred Korzybski, that "the map is not the territory". Perhaps in this case, the map is more than ever the territory, because it is just as transient as the territory, transformed depending on who experiences it, existing only in the eyes and interests of its maker. It may not be useful to any other person, because it expires when its maker moves on. The performance starts at the Santa Maria Maggiore Cathedral, in the upper town, and ends at Palazzo Frizzoni, the City Hall of Bergamo, in the lower town. The two places are not chosen by chance, but symbolize a journey from the seat of spiritual power to that of secular power. The participants will receive a map to complete by adding their own ephemeral landmarks found along the way, in pre-set locations, using their preferred media: drawing, writing, photography… The result is an Oulipian story that links together all the oddities encountered during the descent.


The territory charted by these “errant maps” is a mobile one, differing from map to map even though they depict the same segment of the city. Wandering means the act of walking and at the same time of blundering (to err), creating maps that become useless as soon as they are made.

Steve Piccolo will accompany the participants, capturing the sounds of the journey through his technique of timelapse recording with geometric progression.

In the days after the performance, subject to availability of the maps, and in any case until May 31 2015, it will be possible to create your own "mappa errata" doing the journey on your own.


The maps can be collected at and returned to the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bergamo "G.Carrara" Piazza G.Carrara 82 / d - 24121 Bergamo.


In a second phase, all the maps will be digitized and uploaded to a website where you can see them and listen to Steve Piccolo's soundtrack.


About the artist


He has shown works and/or done performances in many museums, galleries and international art events. He has contributed curated sound projects at ArtVerona in 2008, and for the exhibition "Club 21" during Frieze 2010 in London. Collaborations on video art, performance and installations include works with Adrian Paci, Luca Pancrazzi (including the sound art of the group DE-ABC with Gak Sato), Gabriele Di Matteo (including the artists’ magazine E IL TOPO), A Constructed World and many others. He presently works with the project agency Art Apart of Zurich, including productions of artists’ apps and books (including BLKNSM for the city of Venice during the 55th Biennale). He has worked for many years with Isola Art Center in Milan, an experience documented in the book (2013) “Fight-Specific Isola”. He has published many records, and taught Sound Studies courses at Accademia Carrara in Bergamo (2002-13) and NABA in Milan (2005-14). His theoretical and fictional writings have appeared in many magazines and journals, including four years of a monthly column for the magazine InSound. He curated the Sound of Art project for the website Undo.Net. Recent projects include a week-long sound workshop at the Vienna Secession on the theme of Utopia, and a performance at MAXXI Rome. He is presently preparing a large work for Expo Milano 2015, in collaboration with Fondazione Feltrinelli.


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