HAVEIT Collective

Pushimi i gjatë

Curated by Martina Dierico & Clara Scola

Event hosted by FAB Gallery

October 12, 2016 at 20.00

Rr. Ibrahim Rugova, Tirana

‘Pushimi i gjatë’ is a video installation where parts from the book with the same title are visualized. Forbidden Albanian poems are selected and performed by Haveit. These love poems are prevented and refused by the society we live in. These poems from Albanian author follow the transformation of one person into a drag queen.. Drag Queens are characterized for their portrayal of modern society. Wigs, makeup and costumes create an exaggerated and excessive femininity. Drag Queens with their aesthetics create gender position which is outside of them. Their identity is neither female nor male, but a combination of both gender’s traits and with this adaptation they challenge and criticize traditional society’s view on gender. Gender and sexuality are cultural constructs that are flexible. Anyone can perform any gender.

HOMECOMING is a project born from the need to bring microgallery back in Tirana, after the gallery hosted Martina Dierico’s exhibition in Bergamo.

microgallery is the project room of MAPS - Mobile Archive on Public Space, it is conceived as a portable gallery in miniature, a "white cube" of 50x50x50cm, also hosted every time by a different space for its events.

Martina Dierico and Clara Scola are the young artists who will curate the project through a journey that will stop in some cities, each of which will host microgallery for a one night exhibition.

5 stages, 5 exhibitions each with an artist who lives or works in that city. 5 events hosted by a different space in every city.

HOMECOMING is also a collateral event and a countdown towards "Teatri I Gjelberimit" (Teatro di Verzura), a huge retrospective about art in public space in Tirana from 1998 to 2016. The exhibition is inspired by the projects that in 1937, a young Italian landscape architect, Pietro Porcinai, proposed to King Zog of Albania for a greenery theater to be built in the imperial gardens. The theater remain unrealized, but this intervention suggests an alternative historical interpretation that could start from the gardens of Ottoman Tirana to the Teatro di Verzura, the creation of the artificial lake park during the socialist period, and up to the present day with the civil society protests against the overbuilding of the last remaining green area in Tirana.

About the artists

HAVEIT (Alketa Sylaj, Hana Qena, Vesa Qena, Arbërore Sylaj) is a group of four women that tend to go beyond everyday pleasure, moralistic rules and refuse to agree with the matters that are being served. They won't do anything except tell their and your story! The group was established in 2011, Prishtina.


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