Fabrizio Bellomo + Nico Angiuli


Curated by Martina Dierico & Clara Scola

Event hosted by Planar

October 18, 2016 at 19.00

Via Altamura 24, Bari

The image is a still taken from the film that the two artists (Nico Angiuli and Fabrizio Bellomo) filmed in Albania in 2015.

Through an historical set-up (realized within the Theater of the Univesrity of the Arts in Tirana), in the frame you see a small mass of Albanians - stick together on a black background - while the image of Anna Oxa singing at Sanremo Festival in 1978 reflects on them. An allegorical emphasis of the many stories in which the Albanian population, during the Enver Hoxha’s regime, would meet in the homes of the first owners of television to watch the Italian programs, particularly attracted by colors, lights and sounds of the “bel Paese” musical broadcasts. This set-up has been driven by information - misleading or not - that the two artists have found in the net, about the presumed family relation between the Albanian dictator and the singer. At that time Albanians were absolutely not allowed to watch Italian television, would risked heavy penalties if caught in the act. All these prohibitions and these pains, to see on TV the granddaughter’s dictator singing in Sanremo?

HOMECOMING is a project born from the need to bring microgallery back in Tirana, after the gallery hosted Martina Dierico’s exhibition in Bergamo.

microgallery is the project room of MAPS - Mobile Archive on Public Space, it is conceived as a portable gallery in miniature, a "white cube" of 50x50x50cm, also hosted every time by a different space for its events.

Martina Dierico and Clara Scola are the young artists who will curate the project through a journey that will stop in some cities, each of which will host microgallery for a one night exhibition.

5 stages, 5 exhibitions each with an artist who lives or works in that city. 5 events hosted by a different space in every city.

HOMECOMING is also a collateral event and a countdown towards "Teatri I Gjelberimit" (Teatro di Verzura), a huge retrospective about art in public space in Tirana from 1998 to 2016. The exhibition is inspired by the projects that in 1937, a young Italian landscape architect, Pietro Porcinai, proposed to King Zog of Albania for a greenery theater to be built in the imperial gardens. The theater remain unrealized, but this intervention suggests an alternative historical interpretation that could start from the gardens of Ottoman Tirana to the Teatro di Verzura, the creation of the artificial lake park during the socialist period, and up to the present day with the civil society protests against the overbuilding of the last remaining green area in Tirana.

About the artists

Fabrizio Bellomo he is a visual artist, curator and director who carries on his research in a hybrid and multidisciplinary way. His installations and audiovisual, photographical works were exhibited in Italy and abroad, both in solo and collective projects in institutions, such as: Fotomuseum Winterthur, Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea (MuFoCo), Triennale di Milano, Museo Pino Pascali, Apulia Film Commission, Fondazione Merz, Tirana Art Lab. His first movie L'Albero di Trasmissione was presented in the occasion of the 55th Festival dei Popoli, Firenze. In 2012 he won Premio Celeste, Roma. He also curated the book Le persone sono più vere se rappresentate, Postmedia Books (Milano, 2014).

Nico Angiuli, Bari IT 1981, he lives between Bari & Tirana. Attended Fine Arts Academy in Rome and Bari and finished his studies in Venice, Master in Production and Design in Visual Arts IUAV University. Between 2006 and 2010 he collaborates with Stalker group in Rome; in 2007 he co-founded the Ilmotorediricerca which worked on trans-border projects between Italy, Albania and Greece. Between 2008 and 2011 he works on a cycle of sculptures based on Pino Pascali's unfinished artworks. Afterwards, he starts to reflect on the role of labour in past and present societies developing projects as Ma Vai a Lavorare! (perfromance, 2008), Le piastrelle sono intenzioni (performance 2010), The Tools' Dance (video, 2011- Ongoing). For the entire 2011 Angiuli is artist in residence at the Bevilaqua La Masa Foundation in Venice; between 2012 and 2013, he develops The Tools' Dance in Spain working with Morocco community, based in Murcia and Andalucia.At Villa Ruffieux in Switzerland, Angiuli tried to destroy the Alps (Adieu, 2014).

Angiuli is director of three film projects: OTNARAT that imagine Taranto in Italy (the most polluted city of Europe ) without the industrial developments; follow TreTitoli, a film on violence cyclicity in the agricultural lands in Southern italy, curated by Connecting Cultures and Vessel, and E per te canterò tutta la vita a film in co-direction with Fabrizio Bellomo, about  media relations between Albanian people and Italian television. Nico Angiuli is just invited to Altri Tempi Altri Miti - 16° Quadriennale di Roma; in 2015 he partecipates at The School of Kyiv” - 2nd Biennal of Kiev in Ukraine. Angiuli has also exhibited his works at MART Museum in Rovereto, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin, Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, MAAM Museum in Rome, NOoSPHERE Arts  and OMI International Residency in NYC; at Heaven - 4th Athens Biennal, in collaboration with Vessel, at SPAC in Udine, at the National Theatre in Tirana.


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