Senigallia (Ancona)

Andrea Nacciarriti

NATURA MORTA (STILL LIFE) - dimensions variable #0003

Curated by Martina Dierico & Clara Scola

Event hosted by Auditorium San Rocco

October 15, 2016 at 15.00

Piazza Garibaldi 1, Senigallia (AN)

The project conceived for the space of microgallery appropriates four elements: water, wine, salt and ash that within their container confers and uses the place, characterizing it and triggering a ritual of the same process. Here the space is for the use of the process and become representative icon.

The aesthetic experience is in charge to the symbolic link between representation and content, through the chalice that poured its solid content, half salt and half ashes on the altar, where wine and water in a frozen state, through the melting will produce the training of the mixture of the exorcism.

We find the description of the consecration of the altar, well-defined in the Roman Pontifical, characterized by a mixture of water and salt with the addition of ash and wine. The mixture was used to trace five crosses on the altar table, one in the center and four at the corners, such as to describe the initial X of Χρίστος - Christ, later on the same points on which the crosses were drawn, it was burned incense then anointed with chrism, replacing the bloody sacrifice of the Temple of Jerusalem.

That so was fulfilled the ritual of transubstantiation.

The space of microgallery transmutes so its identity from showcase to transfer, in connection with the place and its meaning, where the deconsecrated church acquires a new pagan role in which the transubstantiation of the work happens.

The ritual Still Life is thus performed according to codified rules and governed by a single entity: iconology and iconography in which genesis, representation, meaning, civilization, symbol, shape and memory survives in a form of reactivation and new interpretation of research on the image in an anthropological perspective.

Form in motion, the period when the exchange between spaces is realized. The artwork is the connection between places, limits and boundaries to melt.

"To the man artist, who oscillates between the mathematical and the religious view of the world, in a very particular way the memory comes to his rescue, that of collective personality and that of the individual: not without creating an increase of the thinking space, but strengthening it".

Aby Warburg

HOMECOMING is a project born from the need to bring microgallery back in Tirana, after the gallery hosted Martina Dierico’s exhibition in Bergamo.

microgallery is the project room of MAPS - Mobile Archive on Public Space, it is conceived as a portable gallery in miniature, a "white cube" of 50x50x50cm, also hosted every time by a different space for its events.

Martina Dierico and Clara Scola are the young artists who will curate the project through a journey that will stop in some cities, each of which will host microgallery for a one night exhibition.

5 stages, 5 exhibitions each with an artist who lives or works in that city. 5 events hosted by a different space in every city.

HOMECOMING is also a collateral event and a countdown towards "Teatri I Gjelberimit" (Teatro di Verzura), a huge retrospective about art in public space in Tirana from 1998 to 2016. The exhibition is inspired by the projects that in 1937, a young Italian landscape architect, Pietro Porcinai, proposed to King Zog of Albania for a greenery theater to be built in the imperial gardens. The theater remain unrealized, but this intervention suggests an alternative historical interpretation that could start from the gardens of Ottoman Tirana to the Teatro di Verzura, the creation of the artificial lake park during the socialist period, and up to the present day with the civil society protests against the overbuilding of the last remaining green area in Tirana.

About the artist

Andrea Nacciarriti (born in Italy, 1976) studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna (1998-2003). In 2003, he wrote his thesis on “the dispersal of architectural language” and graduated with an honors degree in Fine Arts. In 2005, he attended the Advanced Course in Visual Arts with Alfredo Jaar at the Fondazione Antonio Ratti in Como. Andrea has attended residency programs in China, Finland, and Morocco. In 2010 he won the Terna Prize 03. Naciarriti’s work is in institutional and private collections including La Maison Rouge, Foundation Antoine de Galbert in Paris, and La Gaia Collection in Busca (northern Italy). Recent solo exhibitions include “and the ship sails on” at the Fondazione Pescheria - Centro Arti Visive in Pesaro, Italy; "no one knew what anyone else was doing” at CAB, Grenoble, France; and "crystallize" at the Franco Soffiantino Gallery in Turin. He lives and works in Milan.


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